Providing Outstanding Training for More

Than a combined 50 Years.

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Preparing the Way for Leaders and Lifesavers

BlueForce MTT methodology goes beyond frequently used training practices. We believe that training should be an ongoing, engaging, and empowering process that is consistently evaluated and never ends. Blue Force MTT offers an avenue where aspiring leaders and lifesavers throughout the United States can grow and develop their skills and reach their full potential. We design multi-faceted training programs that provide the skills needed to maneuver in today’s changing work environment effectively with confidence.

Our Mission

To empower individuals and businesses through training. 

Our Vision

To provide clients with superior customized training that will enhance their personal and professional capabilities.

Dr. Marvin Whitfield, Founder 

Dr. Whitfield is the founder of Blue Force MTT, a team of subject matter experts that conduct onsite training for individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Before moving to the private sector, Whitfield served as a Team Leader and Senior Instructor on a Department of Defense contract and conducted numerous training missions for the US Army Intelligence Center of Excellence Training Division.

Work Experience

Dr. Whitfield's previous work experience also included more than two decades of law enforcement, where he served as a Police Officer and later a Police Commander. During this period, he performed duties in multiple specialized divisions such as Drug Interdiction, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), Criminal Investigation Division, Crime Scene Investigation, Narcotics & Intelligence, and the FBI's Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces. These experiences were utilized to train local agencies and community partners in the areas of public safety, leadership, and communication.

Educational Attainments and Research

Dr. Whitfield's educational background consists of a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Criminal Justice, Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Administration, Master of Business Administration specializing in Human Resource Management. The purpose of his qualitative research study for his Ph.D., was to examine how implicit-bias training influences the decision-making process. 

During his professional career, Whitfield has obtained instructor certifications with both city and county law enforcement agencies, Federal Bureau of Investigations, American Red Cross, and the US Army Intelligence Center of Excellence Training Division. Additionally, Whitfield has received advanced levels of leadership training from law enforcement training institutes, the US Army Intelligence Center of Excellence Training Division, Ohio State University Leadership Center, and Harvard University & Cornell University Extension Schools. He also regularly attends advanced levels of training and seminars throughout the year to ensure that the courses his team offers remain on the cutting edge of practice.

Community Involvement 

When Dr. Whitfield is not conducting training or conducting research, he supports the community as a member of the local YMCA Advisory Board, Chamber of Commerce, International Rotary Club, and serves as a Volunteer Emergency Management Agency Coordinator, Direct Services Regional Program Lead, and Disaster Workforce Leadership Development Regional Lead with the American Red Cross. Additionally, Whitfield is an Auxiliary Special Deputy with the local County Sheriff's Office.

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